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John and Harriet Franklin Retirement Cottage

The cottage at Marshbank St, Yea was built in 1885. This photo was taken in 1919. It was demolished in 1990


I slept in this house in the 50s when it was owned by my cousins, Claude and Effie Rogers. Effie was a daughter of Harriet May, one of the original 12 children. I used to visit them with my family and stayed on occasion. We used to swim in the Yea river just over the back fence.

My grandparents Herbert and Mable Franklin lived next door. My mother was Rose and her Twin system Elsie, Less Bernadettes dad was born 3 years later, then Eileen, Norman, Ivan and Olive.

My memory of it was that it was very old, with beds on the verandahs, because it was summertime when I was there.