October 04, 2015

WW1 Veterans

The history of many of our forebears who served in WW1 has never been fully recorded or acknowledged. The Victorian Aboriginal Remembrance Committee would love to hear about these brave men and to tell their stories. If you have anyone in your family who served in WW1 please contact Jessica.Horton@dpc.vic.gov.au who is currently putting together information on behalf of all Victorians to acknowledge their supreme contribution during that terrible time.

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September 18, 2015

Taungurung Implements

In order to survive for thousands of years, the Taungurung people created, developed and adapted their knowledge of equipment and tools to suit their environment. The ephemeral nature of those items has resulted in the fact that very few articles belonging to the Taungurung have survived. Those that have survived are displayed in museums or are in private hands.

An interesting article I came across recently written by Aldo Massola a (former curator of Anthropology, National Museum of Victoria) provided much information about some of the items. With his information and William Thomas sketch from his diary, I have collated a list of items that may have been commonly used by the Taungurung to obtain their food.

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