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The NZ Mob

Over 60 descendants of John Franklin and Harriet Tull gathered recently for a family reunion at Glinks Gully on the west coast of the northern island of New Zealand.

Why NZ?
The NZ arm of the Franklin family was established with the settling of William Henry Franklin at Dargaville around 1920, although further research needs to be undertaken to confrm the date.

William Henry Franklin was John's second son born in 1880 in the Yea district of Victoria. As an experienced shearer, William worked the stations and properties in both NZ and Australia travelling to NZ on numerous occasions prior to permanently settling in Dargaville with his wife Eliza and young children. The descendants of these children were well represented at the reunion and eager to know more of their extended family in Australia.

The reunion was conducted over three days and included a traditional Maori Hungi and sadly the scattering of the ashes of William's youngest son Albert. Glinks Gully is situated on the west coast of the north island, approximately three hours drive north of Auckland - a secluded spot of approximately 100 'batches' (holiday houses) only seconds from the beach. Numberous activities including an egg thowing game and the collection of Tuatua were organised. The family had secured a special license before the family swarmed the beach to collect this sought after delicacy. The license permitted the collection of 200 of these prized shell fish which were later cooked and shared amongst the tribe.


Egg Game.jpg

Our NZ relatives are a fun loving and friendly bunch of people who willing shared their special place with us and warmly welcomed us to this special event.

With the organization of an Australian reunion well on the way, we hope and expect quite a few of our NZ cousins will be able to travel the Tasman and meet many of their other Franklin relatives unable to attend the NZ reunion.

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